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Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel;
But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
1 Peter 3:3,4
In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.
1 Timothy 2:9,10





The Process of Moving Toward Modesty:

The goal of this web site is to plant seeds of truth in your mind, to encourage you to make decisions to move toward modesty. We recognize that we all have our unique perspectives and practices. What we need is God's perspective. That's why we need to have a willingness to listen and respond, as the Holy Spirit leads us.

In the following articles, books and various types of media, Seventh-day Adventists and Christians of other faiths have written and spoken about this topic of dress from their hearts. Some come at it from a more spiritual angle, and others focus on the practical aspects. Some express their feelings with great intensity and forcefulness, others are mild and extremely tactful in their approach. Not all methods of presenting this subject can appeal to all people. That is why there is a need for variety.

As you sample these presentations, please pray for the spirit of a learner. Don't let one person's approach turn you away. Move on and taste the next one. There is a message here just for you! God does want to speak to your heart about your appearance. He wants you to understand His will regarding your clothing.

If you are a beginner in the concept of modesty, remember that God loves you just as you are. But He loves you too much to leave you just as you are! He has many wonderful things to teach you, as His precious daughter. He will lead you on step by step. This is all about an adventure with Jesus, so cling to Him, and let Him show you how you can please Him in all things.

How This Web Site Started by Linda Kirk

Please note: The following articles focus on one or more of four major topics: Modesty, Femininity, Healthfulness & Simplicity. You will find this designated in parenthesis following the general description.


Articles on Christian Modesty

***Dress - An Issue of My Heart by Staci Osterman (SDA)- deeply spiritual article to help you understand the significance of our choices in dress. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Letter from the Guys - A groups of young Christian men write to young Christian ladies. (Modesty)

***Open Letter to SDA Sisters - What SDA Men Are Saying Tempts Them Most! (SDA) (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Survey of Men on the Subject of Christian Dress - Very enlightening information. Must read! (Modesty)

The Modern Modesty Question by Ann Wood - straight-forward appeal for modesty (Modesty)

Are the Standards Too High? (SDA) Taking a look at God's standards as they relate to dress.

The Sin of Bathsheba - revised version of the article below with SDA perspective (Modesty)

The Sin of Bathsheba - written from a man's perspective. Helps women understand the reasons for modesty. (Modesty)

***History of Women's Dress in Pictures (SDA) The pictures on this page will be very helpful in understanding inspired counsel regarding the American Costume, the SDA Reform Dress, and current trends in women's clothing (Femininity)

***Satan, the Ultimate Cross Dresser (SDA) This article will open your eyes to the hidden agenda that Satan has been developing for over 150 years, which is now coming out into the open. This is a MUST READ for every Seventh-day Adventist, as it will help you understand a very controversial issue. After reading this article, be sure to read 10 Reasons Why Satan Wants Women to Wear Pants. (Femininity)

Discovering God's Rare Gems for Women (SDA) This comprehensive article will help you answer the vital question: Am I A Follower of Fashion? An urgent and compelling message that every Seventh-day Adventist woman needs to read. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

***How Important is My Dress? by Gwen & Rick Shorter (SDA) Taken from the book "Thy Nakedness; Lord, What Shall I Wear?" Powerful quotations from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy regarding the importance of following God's counsel in dress. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

How Naked is Naked? by Gwen & Rick Shorter (SDA) Taken from the book "Thy Nakedness; Lord, What Shall I Wear?" Addresses the problem of the immodesty so prevelent in our society. (Modesty - Swimwear)

Balanced and Beautiful by Laurel Damsteegt (SDA) - Excellent for young women - covers a wide range of inspired principles of dress. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness) plus more!

Is Nudity Modest? by Joe Crews (SDA) - (Used by Permission. Info on ordering book.) Addresses the problem of immodesty (Modesty)

Christian Women and Swimwear (SDA) - Discusses the suitability of modern swim suits for Christian women. (Modesty)

The Beauty of Feminine Modesty - an entire issue dedicated to Christian modesty from the publication Daughterhood by Design by the Brinley family (SDA) Two of the twenty articles in this issue are included below. Also on their web site is a Bible study on A Christian Lady's Dress. (Modesty & Femininity)

Feminism or Femininity by Lacey Brinley (SDA)- The Brinley Family's ministry, "Daughterhood by Design" is a refreshing resource directed toward Christian girls. We highly recommend it! (Femininity)

For Girls Only by Tina Brinley (SDA)- Tina is a home schooling mom, and gives excellent advice! (Modesty, Simplicity & Femininity)

Simplicity is a Gift! - (SDA) Discover the beauty of one of God's gifts as you explore the deeper meaning behind the principle of simplicity. (Simplicity)

Dressing to Please Jesus (SDA) - A spiritual appeal for us to dress to please Jesus, and not ourselves. (Modesty)

Modesty for Christian Women - Susan Theall - Very practical and Biblical answers to common questions (Modesty)

***Double Standard Exposed by Joe Crews (SDA) - (Used by Permission. Info on ordering book.) Addresses the problem of mixed swimming (Modesty - Swimwear)

Shame of Nakedness - Does God want us to to cast off the shame of nakedness? Many excellent biblical references regarding modesty. (Modesty - Swimwear)

Feminine Attire and Modesty by Pamela Spurling - Beautiful ideas (Modesty & Femininity)

My Flourishing Pride - an experience at church last Sabbath (Modesty & Simplicity)

Dressing for Health and Beauty by Dr. Marjori Baldwin (SDA) - Provides thought-provoking reasons for dress reform (Healthfulness)

Modest and Healthful Clothing - by Pilgrim's Rest (SDA) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - Spirit of Prophecy compilation (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Do you Obey Fashion? (SDA) - Considers several brief quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy, and what they mean to us today. (Modesty, Femininity & Simplicity)

Dressing to Please God or Man by Patty Williams. A personal testimony. (Modesty & Femininity)

Just What Is That Bride Wearing! by Hal Paxton. Very thought provoking article about the attire of a Christian woman. (Modesty)

Immodest Dress by Jefferson David Tant. Do women realize the power and influence they exercise over the thinking and actions of men by way of sexual attraction? (Modesty)

Sin of Nakedness - A Baptist pastor gives an excellent sermon on the importance of modesty. (Modesty)

Dressing With Conviction (SDA) Gives insight into the application of Deuteronomy 22:5. (Femininity)

A Little Grace by Eugene Prewitt (SDA) - Very thought provoking article. An excellent read. (Femininity & Modesty)

Should Christian Women Wear Pants? - by Katy Chamberlin (SDA) A must read! (Femininity)

Stealthy Styles - (SDA) How Did Seventh-day Adventists Accept Pants on Women? (Femininity)

Does Jesus Really Love Jeans? (SDA) Looking at a popular fashion and considering if it is pleasing to Jesus or not.

The Jean Scene - (SDA) Taking a closer look at this prevailing fashion. (Femininity)

The Unisex Agenda Marches Forward In Fashion - NEW! Clear evidence regarding Satan's plan for blurring gender distinction. (Femininity)

***Unisex by Pastor Joe Crews (SDA)- (Used by Permission. Info on ordering book.) Addresses the problem of dressing like the opposite sex (Femininity)

Unisex by Pastor Jack Hyles. This powerful sermon was given in 1973, but it is even more needed today than it was back then. (Femininity)

Women and Pants - Excellent article on the history of pants on women (Femininity)

Women in Pants by Hal Webb - powerful article (Femininity)

The Gender of Pants - by Lynford Heron (SDA) - More information on the history of pants on women (Femininity)

Pants on Women - Modest or Immodest? by Daniel Botkin - Interesting article that looks at tradition and culture of gender differences.

The Groom's & Bride's Garments - Reflecting His Image by Scott Kilpatrick Burgess (SDA) A Bible study on reflecting Christ's character (Femininity)

The Christian's Appearance - explains the Bible verses on modesty in detail. (Modesty)

Modesty and Distinction by Loanne Clements - gives detailed biblical instruction (Modesty & Femininity)

What About Women Wearing Pants? by Brother Potter (Femininity)

The Pant-Skirt Issue for Dummies by Kent Brandenburg (Femininity)

The Religion of Fashion (SDA) Considering the world's worship of fashion may cause us to reconsider our perspective.

Proper Christian Clothing by Edward Ross (SDA) (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Blow the Trumpet by Godwin Delali - Let us cease the silence and blow the trumpet to warn our dearest ones against immodest fashion. (Modesty & Femininity)

Dressing With Sense by Laurel Damsteegt - (SDA) Wonderful advice for considering the physical, spiritual, moral and social healthfulness of our clothing. (Healthfulness)

How Does God Want Women to Dress? (SDA) Addresses changing fashions, and God's counsel.

God's Standard for the Dress of Christian Women - by M.G.R. (SDA) A pamphlet written many years ago, but still good counsel. (Modesty, Simplicity, Healthfulness)

When God Defined Healthful Dress by Vernon Sparks, M.D. (SDA) This is one out of four chapters taken from the book "When God Asked Women to Wear Pants." The book may be ordered from http://www.vsdigitalinspiration.com/pressing_issues.htm (Healthfulness)

God's Plan for Our Personal Appearance by Vernon Sparks, M.D. (SDA) (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

***Temperance in Dress - A Reform Less Followed by Mary Ann McNeilus, M.D. (SDA) An excellent explanation for the reasons for dress reform from a health perspective. You NEED TO READ this article, especially as it relates to wearing bras! (Healthfulness)

Health Reasons for Dress Reform by Donald E. Casebolt, M.D. (SDA) Exploring the reasons for "mysterious" diseases among women. (Healthfulness)

Warning: High Heels May Be Dangerous to Your Health! by Donald E. Casebolt, M.D. (SDA) Fascinating information about a popular fashion. (Healthfulness)

High Heels - Dangerous to Your Health by Liliane Balbach (SDA) Excellent article that will guide you in selecting healthful shoes. (Healthfulness)

My Legs Are Cold! (SDA) You may be surprised by this story! (Healthfulness)

Practical Tips for Covering the Limbs (SDA) (Healthfulness)

Healthful Body Temperature - by Agatha Thrash, M.D. (SDA) Dr. Thrash explains the physiological effects of leaving the limbs uncovered. (Healthfulness)


Online Books & PDF Articles

(Please be patient while the PDF file opens in a new window)

Dress - by Linda Sutton (SDA) - This is a pdf book with 110 pages. Extensive research into many aspects of dress reform. This book provides a wealth of information. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Dressing for Jesus - by Sylvia Fischer (SDA) - Very informative 48 page pdf book (booklet format) Printed copy - $7 postpaid (208) 842-2800 (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

The Beautiful Way - by W.D. Frazee (SDA) - A marvelous sermon! Uplifting and deeply spiritual.

Christian Dress - by Helen Frazee (SDA) - Excellent history of the reform dress and practical principles (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Ribbon of Blue by Peter D. Lausevic (SDA) - A 20 page pdf book - covers many topics. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Ribbon of Blue compiled by Kate Queen (SDA) - A 19 page pdf book of mostly Spirit of Prophecy quotations (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

The Psysiology of Dress Reform by Dr. Collins (SDA) Excellent lecture explaining the reasons for dress reform from a health perspective. (MP3 file below) (Healthfulness)

Clothing - Healthful and Convenient (SDA) Excellent practical advice on healthful clothing

Reflecting the Beauty of Holiness by Christine R. Godfrey (SDA) - A 78 page pdf book with a deeply spiritual perspective. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

What does the Bible Say About Women Wearing Pants? by Mrs. Teri Jeter - A 19 page pdf book with excellent information (Femininity)

Principles of Christian Dress by Marie McClure (SDA) - A pdf book with 74 pages, this was originally published by Uchee Pines Institute 40 or so years ago, and was used as the textbook for classes on Christian Dress in several self-supporting schools. There were many drawings that have not been included, but the included history of dress reform from the Spirit of Prophecy provides needed insight into the principles given to us by God. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Scriptural and Spirit of Prophecy Outline on Dress by John R. Cofer (SDA) pdf article (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Dress Reform and Body Temperature by John R. Cofer. PDF article explains physiological reasons why it is best to keep our limbs covered (SDA) (Healthfulness)

Spiritual and Health Principles in Dress by Vernon Sparks (SDA) (Healthfulness)


Audio Sermons

***Dress Reform Part 1 by Dwayne Lemon (SDA) - A powerful sermon! The Holy Spirit is present in this message. Prepare to be transformed! CD's of this sermon, & part 2 are available for purchase from his web site. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Sermon on the Mount - Kingdom Character #3 by Dennis Miller (SDA) - An excellent sermon speaking about Christ's principles of purity and modesty. (Modesty)

The Language of a Christian's Clothing by Dr. S.M. Davis - A Baptist pastor preaches an excellent sermon on the biblical principles of Christian dress. While he doesn't have our complete message, this is still a very powerful sermon. He emphasizes, "If a person has the right inside clothing, he will eventually get the right outside clothing." (Modesty)

Death of Modesty, Part 1 and Death of Modesty, Part 2 (SDA) by Joe Crews. Excellent Radio sermons from Amazing Facts. (Modesty)

***The Physiology of Dress Reform by Philip Collins (SDA) Excellent lecture explaining the reasons for dress reform from a health perspective. (PDF transcript above) (Healthfulness)

Dress to Live by Sally Sartin (SDA) - Sally speaks to her sisters in love and meekness on God's ideal for His daughters' dress.

October 2009 Heavenly Lifestyle Seminar - by Cal Thrash (SDA) - president of Uchee Pines Institute - Downloadable MP3 format (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

  1. The Heart
  2. Modesty
  3. Gender Specific


Spring 2009 Heavenly Lifestyle Seminar - by Cal Thrash (SDA) - president of Uchee Pines Institute - Downloadable MP3 format

  1. Heavenly Lifestyle #1
  2. Heavenly Lifestyle #2
  3. Heavenly Lifestyle #3
  4. Heavenly Lifestyle #4


Video Presentations

NEW! Order Dr. Isaac Olatunji's dynamic 2 hour DVD, "The Truth About Jewelry and Adornment." An amazing presentation that will open your eyes! $10. Send check or money order to Dr.O Enterprises, Box 30033, 7000 Adventist Blvd. N.W. Huntsville, AL 35896 (Modesty, Femininity & Simplicity)

Does It Matter How We Dress? by Emma Biant (SDA) - A sweet and humble sister presents a heartfelt talk taken from the Spirit of Prophecy on this important topic. It can also be viewd on 3AngelsTube.com (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Modest Apparel by Carolyn Sanchez - Read Carolyn's testimony on the Testimonials page. Part 1 and Part 2 (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Cover Your Nakedness - Video Presentation by Pastor Andrew Henriques along with Bible Study handouts. (Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness)

Jewelry, part 1 - Video Presentation by John R. Cofer from Gospel of Health. (SDA) (Simplicity)

Jewelry - pdf article by John R. Cofer - outline from above presentation (SDA) (Simplicity)

***New!! Validating the Gospel in Modesty by Al Martin, Baptist. With a burdened heart, a bent knee, and an open Bible, Pastor Martin gives this earnest appeal to women for decided modesty of dress. The men, however, are not excluded in this message. Husbands and fathers are called upon to provide pro-active quality control for their wives and daughters. This earnest appeal includes: 1.) Ten magnets for men's eyes. 2.) Specific directives for women. Shorter version on YouTube - pdf document

Over 50 Audio/Video Sermons on Modesty! (Not SDA) These sermons have not be previewed by website owners, so listen discerningly.


Recommended Books

Thy Nakedness, Lord, What Shall I Wear? by Gwen and Rick Shorter (SDA) (Information on how to purchase this book) - "Gwen Shorter, a former model in one of the top Black Modeling Agencies of New York City, actress, and recording artist, and Rick Shorter, a former composer, recording artist and show biz personality for over 15 years, bring together their research, resulting in over 20 years of seminars on this controversial subject. Some say yes and some say no... this wide spectrum of ideas and opinions is dealt with very tactfully, frankly and gently. What's wrong with make-up and jewelry? How long should my dress be? Is it wrong to wear pants and shorts? Should I cover my head while praying? Who are the fanatics and extremists?" This book is EXCELLENT!

Jewelry, Ornaments, Personal Decoration and More; The Spiritualism Connection by Gwen and Rick Shorter - Eye opening research combined with biblical principles makes this book a valuable resource. Every Seventh-day Adventist home should have a copy of this book!

Creeping Compromise - by Joe Crews - Three chapters are available on this web site from this excellent book.

Reaping the Whirlwind - by Joe Crews - If you appreciate the message in Creeping Compromise, this book is even more powerful!

Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America by Jeff Pollard - Researches the development of our current swimming attire, and shows how this has led to society's acceptance of immodest clothing.

Book Bonnets, Hats, Caps and Headcovering; Present Truth for Today? by Bob Jorgensen - This book will soon be available through Medical Missionary Press. Order through email or call 828-649-3976


Spirit of Prophecy

Seventh-day Adventists and the Reform Dress by D. E. Robinson (SDA)

Misc. Spirit of Prophecy quotations

Spirit of Prophecy Quotations Compilation by Christine Guardo


Adornment and Jewelry

Bible Answers to Your Questions on Jewelry, Ornaments, and Personal Decoration. The Word of God is our ultimate guide, and God has given an abundance of counsel on this topic. We need to listen to God and not the customs of this world. This is a chapter taken from the book Jewelry, Ornaments, Personal Decoration and More; The Spiritualism Connection. (Used by permission.) Every Adventist home should have a copy of this book!

Rings, Talismans, and Amulets--Symbols of Marriage and Magical Powers This is a chapter taken from the book Jewelry, Ornaments, Personal Decoration and More; The Spiritualism Connection. (Used by permission.) If you have any questions at all on the use of jewelry, this book will open your eyes! Highly recommended!

Jewelry, Ornaments, Personal Decoration and More; The Spiritualism Connection by Gwen and Rick Shorter (Information on how to purchase the book) The Shorters have presented their research - and now you decide: See if you can find a "Spiritualism Connection" with: Ornaments/Jewelry, Body Piercing, Cross Gender Dress, Hair Styles, Facial Painting, Branding, Tattooing, Nakedness.

Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry by Joe Crews

Subtle Lure of Outward Adornment by Hal Mayer

God's Spiritual Jewelry



A great idea...The Femininity Challenge

How to Evaluate the Clothes in Your Closet

Modest Dress Codes from various Seventh-day Adventist supporting schools

Here are some more Spirit of Prophecy studies on dress reform:





Forums can offer encouragement and support

Forums that have helpful information on modest apparel and adornment

The Remnant Online forum - http://remnant-online.com/smf/index.php - (Be sure to register for the private SDA forums)

TheRebelution.com: The Modesty Survey